「Mini Tatami」detail


We had a long-established tatami shop in Kyoto make a custom "mini tatami mat".



The tatami mat and tatami edge are made of durable and highly functional resin.

Compared to natural rush, it has many advantages that are easier to care for. (detail bottom)


The back side is covered with felt, so there is no need to worry about damaging it, and it is made by craftsmen one by one.

大きさは22×30㎝でA4サイズ程度。 日本の文化を普段の生活に取り入れ易くバージョンアップしました。

The size is 22×30 cm. It has been upgraded to make it easier to incorporate Japanese culture into everyday life. 

It is easy to manage because it uses excellent materials such as deodorant, flameproof, antibacterial, and abrasion resistance made in Japan.







(Specific application examples) 

 ・Decorate flowers and perfumes 

 ・Put accessories 

 ・Arrange tea and sweets

 ・ Arrange snacks and sake 

 ・Decorate figures and dolls






(Recommended usage)

・Because it has anti-friction scratch and deodorizing properties, it is suitable for those who live with pets.

・Because it is waterproof and deodorant, it is suitable for restaurants and hotels.

・As an interior such as a fixed place for accessories and objects

・As an installation place for important items such as seasonal decorations and figurines









●Flameproof specification
●Resistant to friction scratches

● Resistant to fading and discoloration
●Less prone to mold and mites
●Excellent deodorant effect (ammonia deodorant function)  

●Easy care (material that does not easily absorb moisture)




 ●There is no scent or texture of natural rush


約30cm×約22cm (縁巾約2.5cm)

About 30cm x about 22cm (rim width about 2.5cm)



Colors may look different depending on your monitor environment,
Due to the handmade production by craftsmen, there may be slight differences from the indicated size. 



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